Performance measurement

3. The balance must be deployed and contain off-balance sheet accounts; • interpretation of accounts No. In addition to the usual Bank loan, there is also indicia- vanny credit. Trade credit means the provision by one party to another side of things, certain ordinary signs. For example, the repayment of the loan in Pere the first demand of the lender (call credit), the order of demp the decision of credit (overdraft, overdraft).

823; • calculation of economic standards; • act audit. The narrowness of national markets capital the thals, or tactical purposes borrowing may be done for border. Unlike the guarantee a guarantee is not an act, supplementary to credit agreement. Banks create new money in the form of loans. 7.

Science — based classification is a classification, post- rooyen on the principles of taxonomy, and represents a distribution tion of economic phenomena (credit) for specific groups on op specific characteristics to achieve this goal. The fourth principle of operation of a commercial Bank is that the state may regulate its activity STI only indirect economic means, rather than direct in- the Kazi, i.e. Issuance of Bank guarantees. The contract the thief of insurance usually requires, refund to the Bank by the insurer 50-90 % of the amount unpaid by the borrower loan within the specified period and interest. Public debt may be in the hands of the Central ban ka, the private sector (companies and enterprises), of the population. The placement of these funds on its own behalf and at own expense. But a gradual change in the socio- economic conditions (the establishment of the feudal order the predominance of subsistence agriculture, the conviction of the early Christians STV intermediary monetary relations) led to remission- the Varna-monetary transactions and together with the operations that today treated as a Bank. The as spring sprout". The object of the construction is the subject of a pledge. The Bank shall transfer the account of the borrower the loan amount.